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Samuel Simpson is owner of B-FIT Personal Training Studios in Miami, Florida and serves as a skilled strength coach with advanced training in exercise physiology and biomechanics. With a passion for fitness stemming from his dedication to athletics, Simpson has created a dynamic atmosphere at B-FIT with regimented workouts that cater to each individual client needs while also providing guidance and training to staff members and on-site trainers. 

Simpson works with clients ranging from individuals with general fitness goals or special conditions, as well as professional athletes including MMA fighters, MLS athletes and an X-Game silver medalist. He has also created programs for athletes at both the collegiate and high school levels. Through proper guidance and proper education, he motivates clients to recognize and execute a plan that will ultimately conquer their goals.  

Training and education is at the core of Simpson’s philosophy both in and outside of the gym and he personally strives every day to expand his knowledge base to help guide others in their pursuit of fitness. His personal philosophy is that fitness and a healthy lifestyle will make people better in all things that they do. He is a firm believer that anything can be accomplished with hard work, commitment, accountability and proper guidance.

Sam has a Bachelors degree in Applied Exercise from the University of New England and a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Miami. His extensive experience includes working with the university’s athletics teams, including soccer, basketball, field/ice hockey, lacrosse and the well-known football program for the Miami Hurricanes. Throughout his career, Simpson has worked under some of the industries most respected exercise physiologists, professors and strength coaches.

In addition, he is also an expert and contributor for a variety of national publications and outlets including Stack, Muscle & Fitness, Women’s Health, Livestrong and MyFitnessPal.