Are You Guys Like a Crossfit?

During one of the intermittent conversations that are typical of personal training rest intervals, a new member told me how much she recommends our services to her friends. It was what she said next that gave me the idea to write this post. She described our training program as “a safer Crossfit.” If I had a dime for every time someone asked us if we do Crossfit, I could probably pay next month’s rent, but that’s not the point. The point is that people’s understanding is limited by their level of perception.


It’s human nature to want to categorize and label everything. This facilitates communication and helps us describe the physical world using words. The drawback is that when we rely too much on a description of something, it may take away from actually experiencing it with our senses. A good example to illustrate my point is reading reviews or listening to a friend’s critique of a movie before watching it. If the movie has been labeled as “bad” or “boring,” we will have predisposed expectations before actually experiencing it for ourselves. If we hear the word “Crossfit,” we will inevitably start thinking of everything we associate with that training method.


There’s no substitute for personally experiencing something. No matter how accurate a food critic may be at describing it, we have to taste the dish to make our own conclusions about it. Instead of trying to categorize or compare everything, we need to spend more time trying things. I’ve taken over a dozen Yoga classes which have all been completely different from one another. This makes me realize that the term “Yoga” is too general to have a consistent opinion about. Similarly, other fitness categories such as strength training, bootcamps, personal training, and group exercise classes are too broad to make generalized conclusions on.


B-Fit is not Crossfit, or traditional strength & conditioning, or HIIT, or a bootcamp—it’s B-Fit. We created a comprehensive training system using what we considered the best tools from a variety of fitness methods and scientific research. The only way to describe what we do is to experience our training directly.

Julian Arana