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Individualized training 

From our initial assessment to our detailed nutritional guidelines, this is by far our most complete training program. Our personalized approach gives clients the results they want, while providing the foundational components of health and fitness they need. We realize that one-size-fits-all fitness models don’t work, so we offer personalized programs that are practical, efficient, and most importantly, sustainable!

Initial assessment: Free  

10 Sessions:   $900 ($90/hr) 

20 Sessions:   $1,600 ($80/hr) 

50 Sessions:   $3,500 ($70/hr)

Small group training

Save money by splitting the cost of an individualized training session with a friend, partner, or group. The pricing is exactly the same as the Individualized Packages above, but it is split amongst however many people are in the group.

Example: A 5-pack split between 3 friends would cost each person $150, which comes out to only $30 per hour session, per person.

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Strength & Conditioning 

Our founders all have master’s degrees in Strength & Conditioning, with experience ranging from Division 1 college football players to professional MMA athletes. Our coaches will take each athlete through a thorough initial assessment, and then proceed to write a sport or position-specific program. Our periodized programs are based on the latest scientific research and methods that have been proven to yield the greatest results in performance.  

Single Session   $110

5 Sessions   $500

10 Sessions   $900

20 Sessions   $1,600