B-Fit Miami Lakes


Much More Than a Gym

Everyone deserves to feel good. Our bodies were designed to thrive in a variety of environments and perform impressive physical feats, but our modern lifestyle doesn’t always encourage correct use of the body.

We understand that daily movement and nourishing the body are essential components to wellness. Developed by experienced exercise physiologists, our comprehensive system takes into account every component to optimize health, fitness, and performance. Since humans are all unique, we believe in truly getting to know and understand each client in order to prescribe an individualized program that will yield sustainable results.

We have built a community of health-conscious individuals who support and encourage each other to constantly progress. Since words can only say so much, we invite you to come and experience us for yourself. Your first session is on us!


Individualized Training 


Most people fail to see the results they're looking for because they're not doing exercise programs tailored to their unique needs. from our initial assessment to our personalized programs, our knowledgeable coaches ensure that each client receives the most effective training for their desired goals. Packages start at $45 per hour session.

Semi-Private Training

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Our comprehensive workout programs were designed to offer a strategic blend of strength, cardio, mobility, and athletic movements. We have a 1:4 coach to member ratio to ensure a semi-personalized experience and make sure exercises are modified to each member’s fitness level. This program is perfect for those looking to increase their strength, lose body fat, and get top notch programming written by true fitness professionals.

2x per week: $240 per month ($30/hour session)

3x per week: $300 per month ($25/hour session)

4x per week: $320 per month ($20/hour session)



Dietetics & Nutrition 

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Nutrition is perhaps the most important factor for optimal health, fitness, and performance. Although nutritional guidelines are included in both our Individualized and Small Group programs, members also have the option of taking their nutrition regimen to the next level with our Registered Dietitian. Rather than imposing her personal dietary guidelines on her consults, our dietitian finds nutritional solutions that are practical and sustainable for each client.

Initial Visit and Evaluation   $120

Follow-ups   $50

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