$219 PER MONTH  
10 PACK $159
5 PACK  $99

Developed by exercise physiologists, each class is designed for groups of 6-12 people and focuses on strength, burnout, and speed. Keeping groups small allows B-Fit trainers to  focus on technique and movement while allowing us to  monitor everyone's biomechanics and ensure progress towards personal fitness and health goals. 

  • STRENGTH : 60 minutes of compound movements, challenging weights, and attention to form with a focus on body mechanics, proper loading and technique in an intense environment.

  • BURNOUT: A combination of resistance training, metabolic conditioning and short rest intervals this class is sure to build that lean physique you have been looking for.

  • SPEED: train like an athlete with plyos, speed and agility, and circuit stations. Non-stop competitive atmosphere for 60-minutes of high intensity.