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B-Fit Training Studios


Affordable Small Group & 1-on-1
Training for Every Fitness Level

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Expert Guidance

Get tailored advice and instruction from seasoned trainers, optimizing workouts for efficiency and effectiveness.

Small Group Session at B-Fit Training Studios Miami Lakes
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Stay on track with personalized support, ensuring consistency and progress toward your fitness objectives.

Celebration at B-Fit Training Studios Miami Lakes
B-Fit Training Studios

Goal Achievement

Reach milestones confidently with our customized plans and progress tracking, designed for all fitness levels.

Fact: Nearly 70% of Active Gym Memberships Go Unused 

Step Beyond Gyms: Embrace the Guidance of a Dedicated Personal Trainer

Explore Memberships

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 Small Group Training 

Unlimited  Sessions for Just $220/m

Get fit in our fun small group classes (<$10/class)! Join a supportive community, train with certified experts, and enjoy personalized sessions with a 10:1 member-to-trainer ratio (see schedule).

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 Personal Training 

1-on-1 Private Training for Just $70/Hr

Ditch the gym! Get certified personal training that's tailored to you. Achieve your goals with a customized plan, flexible schedule, and built-in accountability for success.

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Cost Breakdown

Your health is an investment, not an expense.

Private Training

  • Personalized workout plan

  • Progress tracking

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Weekly accountability

  • Nutrition guide included

  • $70/hr, pay-as-you-go

Group Training 

  • 1hr total body workouts

  • 25+ weekly classes

  • Join unlimited groups

  • Easy online scheduling

  • Nutrition guide included

  • $220/m, cancel anytime

How We Serve You

Fitness Foundations

Newbie-friendly guidance to kickstart your journey.

Elite Training

Advanced strength training for those ready to level-up.

Nutritional Guidance

Tailored nutrition strategies to meet your unique needs.

Enhanced Mobility

Improving range of motion for greater agility.

Peak Performance

Specialized training for optimal athletic results.

Postpartum Support

Tailored fitness for new mothers' needs.

Workplace Wellness

Promoting health and vitality in the workplace.

Supportive Network

Join our fitness community for mutual support.


The Trainer Advantage: Why Personal Guidance Matters

Discover the Difference in Results



With Trainer


Customized Fitness Plan

Tailored workouts based on individual goals and needs.

Generic or self-designed routines.

Expert Guidance

Professional advice on form, technique, and progress.

Limited expertise; potential for improper execution.


Regular sessions and check-ins promote consistency.

Self-motivated; likelihood of skipping workouts.

Goal Achievement

Structured approach towards specific fitness objectives.

Slower progress; lack of structured goal attainment.

Variety and Adaptability

Constantly evolving routines to prevent plateaus.

Stagnant workouts; potential for boredom and burnout.

Motivation and Support

Encouragement and support during challenges.

Self-motivation required; easier to lose interest.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Emphasis on proper techniques to avoid injuries.

Higher risk of injury due to lack of expert guidance.

Nutritional Guidance

Tailored dietary advice complementing fitness goals.

Self-managed nutrition; potential for less optimization.

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Client Success

Dream it. Commit to it. Achieve it.

B-Fit Training Studios Reviews
"Since joining B-fit, I’ve lost 40 pounds for my wedding, and it was amazing to walk down the aisle, feeling more confident than ever!"
B-Fit Training Studios Client Anaruth

Anaruth Flores, FL |  Read full review



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