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Workforce Vitality

Trainer & Registered Dietitian

Transform your company culture, energize your sales team, and invigorate your administrative staff with our dynamic workplace wellness programs. From exclusive studio memberships to empowering in-office workshops, we ignite peak productivity within your workforce. Elevate morale, foster teamwork, and propel success. Visit us at 17650 NW 78th Ave STE 103, Hialeah, FL 33015, in the P.S.N. Town Center Plaza, proudly serving the business communities of Miami Lakes, Country Club, and Hialeah.

Employee Wellness at B-Fit Training Studios

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Here at B-Fit Training Studios, we're all about crafting a fitness journey that's just right for you. Whether you're into flying solo or thrive in group vibes, our trainers personalize every session to fit your style. Our workouts? They're the perfect mix of strength and cardio, designed to get you those awesome results without breaking the bank. We're all about pushing boundaries and digging deep to uncover that inner strength that sets you apart. And hey, we're not just a fitness studio, we're a community fueled by inspiring stories and shared successes that keep us going strong!

Company Culture

Strengthen bonds and boost morale with team fitness.

Productivity Surge

Boost focus and productivity with invigorating gym sessions.

Work-Life Balance

Harmonize work and life with rejuvenating exercise programs.

Employee Retention

Keep your team happy and engaged with wellness perks.

Stress Relief

Relax and recharge with

stress-relieving workouts.

Talent Magnet

Attract top talent by prioritizing employee well-being.

Learn More: FAQs on Workplace Wellness Partnerships 

  • How do I get started with training?
    Click "Become a Member" below and fill out the contact form. A B-Fit coach will reach out to schedule your first session.
  • Can I try a Small Group Class before signing up?
    Yes, your first class is free! Schedule your visit here to get started.
  • Do your programs include help with nutrition?
    All our programs include thorough nutrition guidelines designed to help you lose fat and get lean. We also have a Registered Dietitian on staff if you want to go deeper.
  • Do you offer any promotions or discounts?
    Yes, you get 10% off if you purchase 24 or more personal training sessions.
  • Do I have to sign a contract for the Small Group membership?
    No, you can cancel anytime if you notify us within 15 days of your monthly payment date.
  • How many participants are in a Small Group class?
    We limit each class to 10 members per class. This ensures that each member gets the attention they deserve.
  • For the Small Group program, do I have to come at the same times each week?
    No, you can choose any day and time that’s convenient for you and sign up using our app.
  • What happens if I’m signed up to a Small Group class, but I can’t make it?
    You have to cancel your appointment using our app.

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