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Our Studio

Step into a space that's more than a workout studio—it's a lifestyle sanctuary. Beyond mere reps and routines, we're your partners in personal evolution. With our commitment to quality work, unwavering honesty (no false promises here), and warm hospitality, every session feels like a friendly gathering.

Our knowledgeable team is genuinely invested in your journey. Trust our guidance, follow our lead,  and witness real, tangible results that speak louder than words. Join us at 17650 NW 78th Ave STE 103, Hialeah, FL 33015, nestled in the P.S.N. Town Center Plaza. Proudly serving Miami Lakes, Country Club, Hialeah, and Palm Springs North for over a decade.

B-Fit Training Studios Location

Our Training Philosophy

Here at B-Fit Training Studios, we're all about crafting a fitness journey that's just right for you. Whether you're into flying solo or thrive in group vibes, our trainers personalize every session to fit your style. Our workouts? They're the perfect mix of strength and cardio, designed to get you those awesome results without breaking the bank. We're all about pushing boundaries and digging deep to uncover that inner strength that sets you apart. And hey, we're not just a fitness studio, we're a community fueled by inspiring stories and shared successes that keep us going strong!

How We Serve You

Fitness Foundations

Newbie-friendly guidance to kickstart your journey.

Postpartum Support

Tailored fitness for new mothers' needs.

Elite Training

Advanced training for those ready to level-up.

Peak Performance

Specialized training for optimal athletic results.

Enhanced Mobility

Improving range of motion for greater agility.

Workplace Wellness

Promoting health and vitality in the workplace.

Our Certified Trainers

Julian Arana - Owner of B-Fit Training Studios

Julian Arana

Founder & Trainer


Meet Julian, the driving force behind B-Fit Training Studios since its inception in 2012. With 15+ years in personal training and a BS and MS in Exercise Physiology, Julian's all about transforming lives. Beyond fitness, he's a Taekwondo black belt, photography buff, guitar strummer, and once stole the show as Danny Zuko in Grease!

Victor Arana - Lead Trainer at B-Fit Training Studios

Victor Arana

Lead Trainer


Say hello to Victor, our Lead Trainer and Chief Joy-Spreader! With 11 years in the game, he's all about making workouts as fun as they are effective. When he's not helping clients smash their goals, you'll find him immersed in video games, cuddling his trio of Shih Tzus, or sharing fascinating random facts.

Karina Arana - Registered Dietitian at B-Fit Training Studios

Karina Arana

Trainer & Registered Dietitian

Meet Karina, our powerhouse trainer and resident R.D. Armed with a treasure trove of expertise in clinical nutrition, weight loss, and sports performance, Karina seamlessly integrates training with nutrition know-how to supercharge results and holistic well-being. Off-duty, she's Julian's better half, proudly celebrating her Brazilian-Lebanese roots, and defying odds as an avid scuba diver post-major knee injury.

Yasmeen Martinez - Trainer at B-Fit Training Studios

Yasmeen Martinez


Meet Yasmeen, a nursing school dynamo with an unyielding passion for fitness. Her own incredible journey to strength (seriously, she's unstoppable!) fuels her dedication to helping others thrive. Yasmeen's mantra is all about empowerment and daily growth, reigniting life's spark. When not in the gym, she enjoys exploring the serene beauty of the Florida Keys, feeding her adventurous spirit.

Emma Padron - Trainer at B-Fit Training Studios

Emma Padron



Meet Emma, our ray of sunshine in sneakers, juggling training and occupational therapy studies like a pro. Emma's passion lies in Adaptive Training, aiming to assist individuals with special needs and disabilities. She's all about inclusivity and personalized fitness, making workouts a blast for all. Off-duty, Emma's an animal lover, a skilled ax thrower, and can't resist the pancakes at Jealous Fork.

Romell Zabate - Physical Therapist at B-Fit Training Studios

Romell Zabate (Romy)

Trainer & Physical Therapist 

Romy's not just about lifting weights; he's all about lifting spirits and mending bodies. With his doctorate in physical therapy and infectious energy, he'll have you feeling like a million bucks in no time. Outside the gym, you'll catch him dominating pickleball courts and chilling with his pup, Buddy.

Beatriz Diaz - Trainer at B-Fit Training Studios

Beatriz Diaz (Cricket)


Cricket, our B-Fit success story turned trainer, is all about setting your own fitness standards. From jetting off to Paris just for a tattoo to conquering half marathons, she's your go-to gal for inspiration and adventure.

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